5 Different Styles for Home Decoration

Designing your own home is an outlet of personal expression and exercise in self-discovery. Here are five books with different décor styles to help in designing your preferred environment
Art work niche
Art work niche

5 Creative Ideas:

1. Country House Style.

2. Jungalow: Decorate Wild.

3. Modern Farmhouse Style

4. Simple Decorating.

5. Inspire Your Home.


1. Country House Style

Making your Home part of Nature 

The book reflects passion for country house style and its embodiment. Also, distilled the knowledge about country style and how to achieve this irresistible design
Country House Style
Nora Murphy’s Country House Style is all inspiration.

Five homes, each of which expresses a unique take on the style and features.

The book is a journey in 3 parts;

  • The first ; lays out the universal elements of the style;
  • The second; reveals how to incorporate these elements into the writer’s own home in Connecticut
  • The third; shows how the elements of comforting, easy aesthetic and approach to life can be applied in different ways and locations.

2. Jungalow: Decorate Wild

The Life and Style Guide

Jungalow: Decorate Wild

There is no other book like this one—offering the writer’s authentic, encouraging approachable style. She calls it the biggest, boldest, and most beautiful volume yet, filled with irresistible style, original patterns, and artwork

In each chapter of the book, the writer shares her distinctive point of view on—how to make bold choices, how to take cues from nature, how to authentically glean inspiration from their heritage to decorate wild. Along the way, Justina also shares personal narratives, practical advice, and nuanced insight into how she lives in her own space and reconnects with nature, and eventually how readers can do the same… to end up with wild, but cozy and homey, style.

3. Modern Farmhouse Style

250 Ways to Harmonize Rustic Charm with Contemporary Living

The farmhouse look is all about modern shapes, paired with rustic textures and clever up-cycled ideas from country life.

Modern Farmhouse
Farm House style

With Modern Farmhouse Style, you can achieve farmhouse aesthetic in your own home—no matter where reside.

Update a Headboard Silhouette
Use Vintage Toys in Sweet Vignettes
Beautify a Dresser with Country Touches
Seek Out Handmade “Flaws”

Bring in Natural Fibers Embrace Courageous Decor Welcome Brick to the Bath Turn Tile Strategically

Outdoor Spaces
Salvage Outdoor Dining Sets
Make Modern Use of the Garden Path
Create Restful Nooks

More than 250 collection of gorgeous yet attainable farmhouse-inspired decor ideas, organizational tips, and DIY projects is everything you need to make your modern home perfectly rustic, with chapters on:

Choose One Sculptural Accent
Use Hairpin Legs to Build Entryway Furniture
Living Rooms
Display Collections Embrace the Power of Paint, Let Original Features Shine

Seek Out Sleek Storage Options
Four Ways to Update an Island
Mount a Sophisticated Wooden bottle Racks, etc
Dining Rooms
Go for a Polished Palette Update Farmhouse Imagery Craft a Handsome Dining Room Table
Family Rooms
Explore Cabin Chic Assemble a Crate Coffee Table Farmhouse Workspaces Four Ways Update a Fireplace

4. Simple Decorating

50 Ways to Inspire Your Home Ideas 

Simple Decorating

it’s never been more fun to create a home you can’t wait to come home to.

Inspiration rather than Renovation

If you want start your own style and refresh your home go-to resource for can-do decor. Spark your makeover momentum with 50 no-fuss tips and discover how to transform your spaces with simple color, window treatments, and furniture choices layer in personality and warmth with texture and patterns turn hard-to-love areas into favorite destinations with creative concealment highlight your family’s story and lifestyle with accessories

5. Inspire Your Home

Here are the writer’s personal stories that will feel like you’re getting design advice from a close friend. Everyone deserves to walk into a beautifully decorated home every day—now you can, with the inspiration and practical tips in Inspire Your Home– by Farah Merchi
 Inspire Your Home
Inspire Your Home

Starting with her most frequently asked questions about paint color versus wallpaper, lighting and rugs, home organization, and styling, Farah walks you through every room in the house from the mudroom to the kitchen and kids’ bedrooms. Along the way, she includes quick seasonal updates on a budget, suggested routines for maintaining your space, and her unique reward system, which includes small styling vignettes around your home.

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