The Gothic Notre Dame Basilica of Nice -France

This is a Roman Catholic basilica built in 1868 AD on Gothic architecture and named after Notre Dame. The Church that is located in the heart of the French city of Nice… was designed by the architect Louis Lenormand; who was inspired by the cathedral of the city of Anger with its two square towers surrounding the eastern entrance.

Jane Medecin Avenue- Nice France

The Gothic Notre Dame Basilica of Nice -France
Basilica Notre-Dame -Nice (source; Wikimedia )

The neo-Gothic Notre-Dame Basilica on boulevard Jean-Medecin looks non-coincidentally like a mini-version of the famous Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris… but without the hunchback or gargoyles.   The largest church in Nice, and hosts some amazing classical concerts. The two symmetrical towers are 65 meters high, between them is a large rose window of stained glass.

The architect chose this particular Gothic style because of its association with France… to give the city a French character after the referendum that included Nice after it was part of the Kingdom of Sardinia.

Nice cathedral though it is the largest church in Nice, it is not the main official cathedral of the city.

Twin window& rose niche of stained glass
Twin window& rose niche of stained glass

The cathedral interior is also as beautiful as its exterior design; the Gothic arches and columns, the stained glass, the monuments and paintings



What is the difference between a church, a cathedral and a basilica?

  1. 1. Church

2. Cathedral

3. Chapel

4. Basilica

ِِِA Church:

 Is any permanent gathering place of worship administered by a priest, who may use the term to refer to devotees; except that we’re talking about buildings in this post.

A common architecture for churches is the shape of a cross – two crossed rectangles – usually with Vaulted or gable shape ceiling. Those shapes are meant to draw attention to the heavens.

church Autocad model
church Autocad model

Another common feature is the spire, a tall tower on the “west” end of the church or over the crossing.

Another prevalent feature in majority the churches is the eastwards orientation of the front altar, while the entrance lays at the west end

A Cathedral:

It is the main church of a diocesan bishop or archbishop, who takes his name from the bishop’s chair, called the Cathedral in Latin, which is traditionally the seat of power for the leader of the diocese.

Russian Cathedral in Nice-France
The Russian Cathedral in Nice

A Chapel:

Is a small place or building of worship/pray that does not require a priest or a permanent gathering for prayer; Rather, it is a place smaller than a church, and sometimes just a prayer room in a secular place such as a hospital or an airport… like a prayer room for Muslims, with the difference in the regularity of prayer times in the later.

A chapel layout and section

A Basilica:

It is an important ecclesiastical building appointed by the Pope because it carries a special spiritual, historical or architectural importance (and the cathedral may or may not be) like the Basilica of Nice, the subject of this article

The basilica is the highest permanent designation for an ecclesiastical building. As once a basilica is named, it can no longer lose its basilica status. .

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